IH Tubular heaters can be cast in aluminium, bronze, brass to give a unit of long life, repeatability of product quality and versatility in design.
The mass of metal surrounding the cast in heater provides a heat-sink of excellent thermal conductivity. This results in high wattage capacity with overall low watt-density, prolong heater life, uniform heat transfer, stable and high temperatures that can be precisely controlled and increased resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.

Versatililty :

These cast aluminum heaters are used extensively on machinery that operate almost non-stop eg,. extruders, injection moulders, heat sealers, hot plates, platens, dies roller heating etc., because of their durabillity and their maintenance free life.

Cast in Bands :

The cast in aluminium band heater consists of a metal sheathed , mineral insulated tubular element, formed to shape and cast into aluminium using a pattern of required dimensions with allowances for machining. The bore is then machined to give a perfect Band Heater.

Product/Service fit between the heater and the heated part . noramlly used on plastic extruders, injection and blow moulding machines, these elements have many advantges. They are robust, give even heat distribution, and allow higher wattage concentrations.

Cast in Rings, Bars and Plates :

Offer greater versatility in design, minimum machining on unusual shaped application. eg. Hot plates, sealing bars etc.,