Construction : IH Strip Heaters consist of a G.I/S.S sheath, housing high quality nickel-chrome resistance wire which is insulated by a refractory material selected for best thermal conduction and stability at elevated temperatures. This construction provides fast heat transfer and maximum efficiency. Termination is located at one end, consisting of corrosion resistant studs with washers and lock nuts and can be protected by a standard junction box if required. Mounting lugs are slotted either end.

Surface Heating : Clamped on platens, moulds, sealing bars, hot plates and other heat transferring metal parts example tanks, kettles, autoclaves, cutting knives etc.

Process Air Heating : Drying cabinets, ovens and rooms, moisture protection for motors, controls switch board cubicles etc.

STF Type Finned Strip Heaters : These heaters are of the same basic design and manufacture as the standard ST but are fitted with G.I/S.S fins to give greater heat dissipating area generally used in a moving air application.
Dimensions 45mm x 65 mm.

Application : Strip Heaters are extensively used in ovens and cabinets for various purposes such as:

Preheating and melting
Hot cupboards
Food trolleys

These are also used as anti condensation heaters for the following:

Electric motors
Switch board cubicles
Duct heating
Load banks